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Book Six is the best yet in my not so humble opinion. In honor of finishing The Half Blood Prince, I will be buying certain sale tweed at a certain online shop at certain special sale time for my very own Weasley Sweater. The Purist in me wants to do the traditional "H," but I also like "M" for Michelle.
Fickle Product Recommendations
Ambrosia of the Tofu Gods:

Don't be turned off by the Tofu. It's dairy free, and damn good. It tastes like honest to goodness Vanilla! And it's rich and creamy. And has 190 calories per half cup. Maybe I should be worried that it is creamy and soft right out of the freezer but I am too busy stuffing my face to notice this bizarre feature. The Husband had to rip it out of my hot little hands or I'd have consumed the whole pint. I'm eating some right now while he's a work. Heh.
This gem of a series lasted sadly only one season. But I hear there's a movie coming out this September! Sci Fi is wisely rebroadcasting the series starting this Friday. Don't miss out!
Regia Mini Ringel Color Sock Yarn
I used Spun Mag's summer ankle sock with this yarn. I deviated about half way through 'cause if I'd have kept decreasing like the pattern suggested my foot wouldn't fit. But really what I'm recommending here is the yarn. This is my first ringel experience and I am smitten.

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