Dear Refrigerator,

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I know you'd prefer to be a Red Meat, Pizza, and Beer fridge rather than a Tofu, Fresh Veggies and Soy Milk type. And I also know you came from a long but meager line of working class Refrigerators. The ones that contain tons of corn syrup laden, triglyceride elevating, heart stopping ambrosia junk food. But please contain yourself. Stop expelling the offensive items from door via the "faulty" shelf. This sort of passive resistance will not be tolerated.
Don't make me duck tape your ass,
Her Fickleness
Three for the Price of One
I opted out of adding extra rows to the Flower Basket Shawl. Too many alluring Twist Front Top patterns and Harry Potter sweaters distracting me from the task at hand. I may or may not have sang the tune of "NeverEnding Story" with the words "NeverEnding Shawl" and Roberta may or may not have chimed in with OOO-ooo-ooo, ooo-ooo-ooo. But blessedly, it's done despite the warbling going on at Fickle Central. I think I'll wear it today.
I also finished the Spun Magazine Geisha socks with the lovely Regia Mini Ringel yarn. I'm still smitten. I'll be making more socks with both the yarn and the pattern.
My first pattern, Number 3232 of Kwik Sew.
I've cleverly hidden the waistband, which will be reworked. And also, about the superfluous pockets...They're in there, with the wrong type of interfacing (No I don't know why I used batting) and completely non functioning. I call it innovative. Like what the Tao Te Ching says- Empty pockets are full of nothing. Just like my wallet.

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