I'm turning into my Mother

Posted on Jul 21, 2005. 0 comments

It's hot and the heat has clearly rotted my tiny little brain. So, today I will provide evidence of how I am like my Mom.
1. I Recycle. She was recycling before recycling was recycling. You know those Ziplock bags? The disposable ones? In my house growing up there was always a Ziplock bag hanging upside down on the kitchen faucet drying.
My version of recycling features recyclables tucked into the paper bags from the grocery store and taken out to the bin a few times a week. The Husband tries to crush my recycling joy by telling me the dump truck puts the recycling in with the regular garbage. I ignore him.
2. I Iron. She taught me to iron, shine the silver, and sew on a button when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Now I iron sometimes before I sew (We won't speak of pre-washing, ok?). Have I mentioned I can't sew in a straight line to save my life? I was never a "color in the lines" type of gal so I suppose this is no great surprise.
2a. I make stuff. She made stuff before I was born and ruined her figure. But thankfully my dearly departed Gramma made sure I could crochet chains for miles and miles thereby being responsible for my current fiber addictions.
3. I'm sort of a Naturalist. A real Naturalist does more than grow 'maters and beans in containers and look at the Starlings in their yards. But hey, I live in the big city.
4. I try to eat healthy. I could include here how my Mom used to boil vegetables until they are sopping limp versions of their previous selves, and one time made me eat a droopy green bean sandwich on whole wheat bread, but I won't.
5. I'd shop in thrift stores if I could find one in a ten mile radius. I need a thrift store. It has like uh vintage stuffs in it, and I need more vintage stuffs like I need a hole in the head.
Regular blogging to resume when Temperatures return to normal. Happy Thursday!

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