My Twin

Posted on Jul 28, 2005. 0 comments

I have a twin that shops at the Joann's. She shops there so frequently all the sales clerks know her. Paradoxically, her name is also Michelle. The Saleslady mistook me for her when I visited recently with my Husband. Funny that.
Bean Cam
Knitting Content
I'm making incremental progress on my Harry Potter sweater. And I've pulled out Ene's Scarf again. I'm attempting to knock out a row or two each day. I'm still slogging away on the interminably long first chart, but I've made it past the halfway point. I can't wait til the rows are less than 300 stitches long.
I've finished the main part of my gingham apron, I'm hand stitching ribbon, and contemplating adding ruffles to the top sides.
Vegan Cookie Suggestions
Alternative Baking Company
If there's such a thing as fattening Vegan food you can rest assured I'll find it. I was one of the only plump Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians I've ever seen. I eat Chicken now, and I'm still pleasantly plump.

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