M is for Maybe Not Having Enough Wool

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I know, you figured I'd have learned from the Best Foot Forward Sock Fiasco. Sadly I did not. I bought 9 skeins of Shetland 4 Ply from Elann, not realizing I'd have to hold the yarn doubled. I checked the stock levels of my color daily, and planned on buying a few extra skeins "just in case." Who knew 50+ skeins would sell out in less than a day?!
If that's not humiliating enough, I got a lecture from the husband. It involved Home Depot, planning projects in advance, and buying enough bricks plus 20% the first time. Boy that was real fun.
A Little Glimpse into Pet Ownership.
1:45am Dog puts freezing nose on arm while whining to be let out for bathroom break.
1:47am Let dog out and back in again, get back in bed.
2:00am Cat jumps on bed and sticks me with one claw to see if I'm done.
2:00:10am Jump 3 feet vertically out of bed and miraculously land on feet.
2:00:30am Throw Put cat outside of bedroom and close bedroom door.
2:15am Dog scratches and barks at bedroom door.
2:16am Husband shouts at Dog. Everything gets quiet.
2:30am Cat starts Caterwauling in A minor at door.
2:30:01am Start shouting profanities at Cat, Dog and Husband.
2:45: Cat starts playing in paper bag, sound is magnified throughout
house tenfold.
2:46: Curse everything in range of blurred, sleepy vision. Turn on fan to drown out noise.
5:10am: Dog whines to be let out.
Food for Thought
As a rule I try not to delve into politics on my blog. And all personal feelings on the war aside, the fact is our Soldiers are stationed in Iraq doing their duty for our Country.
We have a friend who has been stationed in the theater and her tour has been extended. So we decided to send her a care package of things that she can't get over there. I've included a picture and list if you are contemplating your own care package, or are just plain curious.
Trail Mix
Ziplock Bags
Jolly Ranchers
Marie Claire Magazine
People Magazine
Beef Jerky
Bic Razors
Ink Pens
Legal Pads
Personal Fan
Antibacterial Moist Wipes
Prepaid Phone Card
Lip Balm, 15 SPF
Lots of AA Batteries
Dove Soap
Sweatproof/Waterproof Sunscreen
Baby Powder
Hand Sanitizer
Notecards and Envelopes
Playing Cards
Here's an informative link about sending packages. Or send a prepared kit.

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