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Is the amount of rice I spilt on the floor by grabbing the wrong end of the bag. I pondered my options as I stared at the mountain of rice on the floor. I narrowed them down to:
A) Leave entire mess on floor and claim Malignant Beady-Eyed Elves broke in and emptied bag on floor. Which I couldn't hear because I was busy knitting. With yarn plugs in my ears.
B) Use horrific mess as an excuse to test the suction ability of the Mighty Dyson.
C) Sweep up mess half assed, and leave the rest for the Husband to clean up with the Turbine-on-Wheels-Dyson. I'd be doing him a favor, 'cause it's only a few iterations from a Bike. And what Man doesn't like Motorcycles?
Any guesses on what I did?
Craftiness Abounds
Look what I can do!
Only, don't look too close. I call all the mistakes "Modern" touches. For all those who might be curious, ruffles are the work of the devil.
I found this cool book,
Making Rag Rugs. I'm following the general instructions, but went with my own rug design. I'm thinking of using yarn scraps instead of fabric strips.
I also caved and bought Denyse Schmidt Quilts. On the short list is Steve the Cat, Flock of Triangles, and Any Way You Slice It. Maybe the Elves will break back in and start quilting while we're asleep. I have plenty of rice to feed them.

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