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When the Husband is on travel I am left at home to spill things, battle ants, and fend for my self. Here for the first time is a rare glimpse into my sustenance when there's no one around.
It's a good day if I remember to put on my Toga in the morning.
The Dog and Cat also behave strangely when Dad's away.
The Scandal! Caught in a forbidden embrace. Their abandoned Togas are just outside the frame. Scamps.
Doctor's Orders
So it turns out, I'm allergic to everything in my house. Cats, (check), Dogs (check), Dust mites (unfortunate check). I suspected the Cat and Dog allergy, but the Dust Mites were new to me. So I asked my Doctor to write down what we should do. It just so happens most of it works in my favor.
Hardwood Floors
Vacuum Bed & Carpet 1x per week
Hypoallergenic pillow covers
California King Sized Bed
Maybe I did ask him to add King Sized Bed to the list, what of it? He said our bed is hopelessly infested with dust mites, so bad not even the Mighty Dyson could prevail. The only cure is a King Sized Bed. Apparently Dust Mites violently eschew King Sized Beds.
Knitting/Quilting Content
I'm finished the front and back of my Harry Potter Sweater, and plodding along on the first sleeve.
I ordered *cough* a number of extra skeins the other day. When I started I shorted the length by an inch, and the sleeve by 2inches just in case I didn't have enough yarn. When I'm finished I'll go back and pick up and knit extra length as needed.
I spent hours on Wednesday ordering and reordering the triangle placement. I am paying for it now. Unintentional squats! Which should never be done while wearing a Toga. You have a responsibility to your neighbors you know.
I've sewn over half of the fourteen required rows, and hope to finish up sometime this week. I'm excited and nervous at the thought of finishing my first quilt. I can sew straight now, and I have enormous respect for the quilts I've seen online. You really don't have a concept of how difficult something is until you try it!
Sci Fi Friday
Just do the right thing and set your recording device to record from 4-8 PST or 7-11 EST. You can thank me later.
Have a great weekend!

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