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It's hot, it's almost time to hurry up and finish my Masters and I am grumpy. And all that damn tofu ice cream is catching up with me. Leading me to make my bi-monthly "I will lose weight" speech. Please someone tell me why knitting doesn't consume 300 calories per hour, 'cause by now I should be supermodel thin. I can't diet because being hungry turns me into the dreaded sea harpy that lurks beneath. And She's apparently really pissed off because the overweight me ate the skinny me a long time ago. What can I say but I was really hungry that day? It seemed like a good idea at the time.
So the game plan is, to jog 15 minutes per day, with a few days of strength training thrown in. And to listen to my hunger meter when it's full.
Yours Grumpily,
Fickle Q Exercise-a-phobic
PS Is yarn edible? It seems like a good source of fiber. I bet it comes in dairy free chocolate flavor.

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