Summer Doldrums

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I am nearly finished the Harry Potter sweater. I had planned on focusing my mojo on finishing a certain sleeve, or perhaps a particular mohair-ugh scarf. So what did I do? I cast on for a pair of socks*. I am weak. We won't speak of the off-the-needles-but unfinished-objects in the conveniently opaque bin. Out of sight, out of mind. Guilt free you see. No desire at all to weave in a few measly ends or pick up stitches on those pesky all but done sweaters. I'm afraid to even open the lid for fear of being sucked into the inescapable vortex of done-but-not-done knit items. Maybe the Finishing Fairies will make a surprise visit if I start leaving things under my pillow.
Animal Antics
We had a delightful visit with our friends Rainbow and Christian. They were great houseguests. And the animals performed the whole visit.
I spotted Geiger the Wonder Cat standing on his hind legs trying to push his way into their room. He also performed feats of profound drooling.
Baxter played tug-the-blankie with them for hours on end, so much that he even slept one night through entirely.
While visiting he perfected his drooling on clothes technique, crotch sniffing 101, non commissioned fetching, and marathon dirt pile jumping. The fish lined up alphabetically to send off our guests.
Then they swam in circles in the tank, pausing occasionally to gape at Geiger the Wonder Cat.
All's quiet in the house now. The pets are recovering from an extended play time hangover.
*Karmic retribution dictated that I pick up the loose yarn end and K2, P2'd my way through half of the first row.

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