Whimsicality Wednesday

Posted on Aug 10, 2005. 0 comments

I'm running low on material lately. I've sort of lost my funny. I hope I find it again real soon. So to make up for my lack of inspiration I decided today's topic will be...The Husband.
We've found a new Netflix must-rent, Freaks and Geeks. One of the first episodes has two Styx songs back to back. The Dearest, Hippest, Suavest Husband in the World sang the most sincere and heartfelt version of Come Sail Away, word for word, from beginning to end. And not the Cartman version. It was really something. Almost as good as his Faux Bulwer sentence.
Bulwer Who?
I'll add that Cassiopeia has been an internet id of mine for the past 5 years. One of his Animal Crack Crossing characters is named Maynard, so despite his protestations that these particular characters are fictional I maintain they are not.
Wife with the Stinky Hair
"Cassiopeia's hair smelled like gently falling rain,
although not the type of rain that releases the sweet
scent of daffodils in the springtime, more like the
first few minutes of rainfall following a long drought
in Southern California where the last eight months of
oil and transmission fluid slowly building on the San
Diego freeway suddenly rise to the surface and cause
the SUVs driven by cell-phone-bearing soccer moms to
scatter and crash and cause gridlock, which reminded
Maynard (as he was nuzzling the back of Cassiopeia's
neck) that his car was past due for an oil change."

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