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Posted on Aug 15, 2005. 0 comments

Helpppppp Usssssssss. We're off the needles but not finisheddddddd.
So erm, about those unfinished objects. I contemplated finishing them for about oh 20 or so seconds.
And them I came to my senses and cast on for the Twist Front Top from the Spring 05 Adrienne Vittadini collection.
I used Lane Borgosesia Bollicina from the stash, so I figure it doesn't count against the abandoned lurking sweaters.
In for a penny, in for a pound
While I was at it I picked two more patterns for the "to be knit next" pile.
Long Sleeved Button banded Crew Neck will be knit from el stash grande, minus the fun fur accoutrement.
I ordered an astonishing amount of Austermann Peru from my dearest enabler, Elann. I'll be using it to knit up the Blue Cardigan from Bernat Cables and Raglans circa 1966. We won't discuss what size I wear according to the demonic "size chart."
JD, you are my new hero! She correctly identified the previously unidentified Green Fuzzies from my last post.
Kiccoro (light) and Morizo (dark) are the "forest sprite" mascots of the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan. They probably do eat a lot. of tofu. (^o^)
It's a good thing they eat a lot of Tofu! 'Cause I have it coming out of my ears right about now.
I'm lusting after Beth's Geranium colored Knit Picks Sock yarn. I haven't actually tried any of the new crack Knit Picks Yarn, but I may have to bow to peer pressure in this case. Some Delinquent lace weight could follow home the Sock Yarn, you just never know.

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