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Harsh Measures
Due to the recent influx of unfinished projects I've had to limit myself to one knit item at a time. Which means I'm stuck with Ene's Scarf until it's done.
In other news, I've experienced a surge in sewing creativity because I haven't placed a moratorium on unfinished sewn items.
Sheep Quilt
I'm going to put her in a bucolic setting. I'm thinking hills, water, sun, etc.
Steve the Cat
He's faceless and clawless and without a tail. But we all have our flaws don't we?
Speaking of flaws Ene procrastination new found creativity, I've added another page to my site. It's called Fickle Recipes and it has Vegan/Vegetarian/Meat Recipes that I like to make. Bon Appétit!

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