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I was tagged by the lovely Stephanie. If you'd like to respond to this Meme, feel free!
10 years ago I had just experienced my first year living on my own. I fed and clothed (if you count black tights under rolled up jean shorts and combat boots clothed-GAH) myself successfully. I was a Jr College Drop-out. And boy oh boy was I Artsy-Fartsy. So glad those days of acrimony and angst are over.
5 years ago I was finishing up my first summer internship in Sunny California. It was a summer of firsts, first plane ride, first time outside the US, first train ride, first trip to Disneyland...
1 year ago my Husband and I were recovering from our wedding. We were also dealing with my Father in Law's terminal cancer. It was a rough year. I was just starting to knit which was a wonderful and soothing respite from the battering year.
Yesterday we went to our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant, shopped at Target, went for a jog, watched our Sunday Night HBO shows and relaxed.
Today I have to figure out how to get my Uninterruptible Power Supply for my Atomic Force Microscope on campus with 35,000 students and the land of 10,000 parking spaces.
Knitting Content
Who thinks I gave up on being a one project gal? Well to be fair, I am still knitting Ene. Though it is making me batshit crazy. I keep making mistakes, and, feeling guilty for not frogging or fixing mistakes. It's a train wreck really. But I soldier on.
I've been seaming and fixing the Harry Potter Sweater to give my self a break from Ene-Mistake-Central. I'll post pictures when I have substantive progress to report.
Baby Fishes
The Angels have taken Meshack and Abendigo home. I expect another celestial visit to the tank soon. We've tested the water and have discovered that the water's pH is too high, as are the nitrites. Brown Algae is also popping up all over the place in the tank. If Shadrack doesn't make it, I'll clean the tank and it's contents thoroughly and start again.
What was supposed to be a two hour trip to the amphitheater turned into a four and a half hour drive. Fortunately we arrived on the lawn just as Coldplay started their set. Despite the crowd and the unbearable car ride the concert was amazing! I will definitely be seeing Coldplay again, only in a closer venue and with better seats. I'd rate the concert second only to the Bauhaus show I saw in DC's 9:30 Club. No one is cooler than Peter Murphy!
Happy Monday : )

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