Driving while under the Knitfluence

Posted on Aug 30, 2005. 0 comments

1am-2am Wake up in a cold sweat wondering how long I'll be stuck in the school parking lot.
10:30am Arrive on campus. Proceed to Parking Authority to buy overpriced parking pass.
10:30-11:10 Knit in first of many lines of the day.
11:11: Purchase Parking Pass.
11:11-11:31 Cruise lots fruitlessly (knitting sock while stopped), cursing the parking gods, the students, and the administration for breaking ground on new parking structure to be completed after my graduation *and* in doing so, taking away more parking.
11:31 Pull to side of lot in predatory manner. Alternate knitting and putting car from park to drive, while eyeing lot for exiting cars.
11:47 Break laws of physics to be to first available parking spot that opens up in my row.
This is what I suffered the unwashed masses for today.
Loose Knitting
Wondering about my loyalty to Ene? Article 1 Section 1 of My Proclamation to Knit Monogamously states Thou shalt finish other sweaters when Ene becomes unsatisfactory. Section 2 states Thou shalt have a small carry along project for the neverending lines on campus, to prevent acts of murder and mayhem.
Thusly I claim to be faithfully devoted to Ene despite her shrewish behavior.
I'm adding a bit of length to the Harry Potter sweater. I'm still working from the original yarn purchase, but I may need a bit of the extra yarn for the sleeves and collar.

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