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My interpretation of the Harry Potter Weasley Sweater
Pattern: Basic Raglan found in Bernat Cables and Raglans circa 1966
"M": I downloaded and installed the Hogwarts font. Using Microsoft Word, I made the M in the largest size possible, and blew that up to 500%,and printed it out. I taped the M to my Excel Graph paper (Height = 12.75, Width = 2, All borders), and taped both to my sliding glass door to have plenty of light to transfer the pattern onto the graph paper. Next I went back to Excel and plugged in the pattern. At this point I didn't feel the M was large enough, so I fiddled with it in Excel until I was pleased with the results.
Needles: 40" Addi Turbos US 3
Yarn: Harris Tweed 4 Ply Shetland in Mulberry. I found the yarn to be very delicate. It breaks upon slight applied pressure. I doubled the yarn in the pattern for added strength.
I was worried I hadn't ordered enough yarn. But as it turns out, I barely eked by. I plan on using the second batch I ordered "just in case" for some sort of lace. I think this yarn is better suited for a delicate project.

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