Labor Day

Posted on Sep 05, 2005. 0 comments

I haven't been faithful to Ene. I think I'll knit on Ene's scarf solely every other week. For now it's more than my little brain can bear.
I finally got my even feed foot in the mail. I'm about 1/6th of the way through machine quilting my Flock of Triangles Quilt found in Denyse Schmidt Quilts.
And I broke my first needle. I was tugging on it, and using the needle as a pivot point for all those layers of fabric. Whoops. I have no idea how a person quilts in straight lines, much less those beautiful swirls I've seen in various places.
I've been hesitant to blog about our remaining fishie for fear of him dying on us. Due to his miraculous recovery, we've renamed him Lazarus. I plan on adding another fish or two once we get the tank cycled and the Nitrite and Nitrate levels right.

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