Laguna Beach is Ruining the World. And another Finished Object.

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Everyone on campus under the age of 20 believes they are a honorary member of the MTV Laguna Beach Production. Today I personally witnessed one such Surfer Boy with a t-shirt proclaiming him a "Cow Tipping Expert." Let me be clear that the closest any OC-ite comes to real honest to god cows other than in burger form is that quarter acre farm lot sandwiched between urban sprawl and the 405 freeway. There are approximately 5 head of cattle on this Rolling-Hilled Bucolic Respite from the toils of City life**
And logistically he'd have to cross about 10 lanes of traffic to reach the farm, only to be run off again by stampeding, royally pissed of Cattle. Besides cow tipping is an urban legend anyway. I lived on a farm, and I never heard of anyone successfully tipping a cow and living to tell of it. Maybe Dude thought eating his burger with the bottom bun up is cow tipping.
**Miffy: Should I accessorize with the Louis Vuitton or the Marc Jacobs?
Muffy: Grody to the max, cow tipping dudette! Everyone knows Vuitton and Jacobs were so two days ago, the real Laguna Beachers have Fendi.

As if the very sight of teenagers carrying around bags more expensive than my overpriced mortgage wasn't enough, there was a Pep Rally on campus today. It rendered what little parking available obsolete. But I got to see Cheerleaders, our Hallowed Mascot (who incidentally looks suspiciously like a Cow Tipper, No?), and lots and lots of Jazz hands. I could barely contain my excitement.
Finished Items 101
Just in time for a friend's Bebe to be born next month.
Pattern: Bernat Baby Fashions in Baby-Germantown circa 1960
Yarn: A(squeeaaakkk)crylic Bernat yarn.
Needle Size: I forget
Lace Border: Eyelet Points, Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein

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