I'm happy to report I committed no crimes

Posted on Sep 09, 2005. 0 comments

Probably due to the ameliorating effect of casting on for this:
Pattern: Plain Circular Shawl, Pithy Directions; Knitter's Almanac by the lovely Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Laceweight by Handpainted Yarn
Needles: 32" Addi Turbos
Circular Cast On Method: Magic Loop. I can see a line where I cast on. But I'm sure it will come out in the wash.
Don'even think of Ene. She's in time out.
Crimes Perpetuating Insectia
A certain member of the household* did something that caused the unwelcome appearance certain species of larva. And then, there were the ants and the dog vomit. Surely you can ascertain my state of mind after all these discoveries. It was somewhere between Sea Harpy and Wifecon 1.
I do have to credit Roberta though. She is truly a good friend. She was there when I was shrieking like a little girl about insects and Husbands. She didn't laugh, and she helped me clean things up. Bless her heart.
*The Usual Suspects are the cat, the dog, the fishlet, and the Husband.
Thesis, Schmesis
I am desperate enough to ply the Atomic Force Microscope for thesis data with knit cozy promises, WD-40, and alms for the poor.
If that doesn't work I plan on bringing in a pair of wire strippers.

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