Big Trouble in Little California

Posted on Sep 12, 2005. 0 comments

Watch out World! I've finally got my hands on a pair of Golf Cleats. Finding shoes you've been eyeing for a year at 60% off is better than se lots of stuff.
You might also want to watch out for your glass window panes, wayward golf clubs, and very loud cussing.
If it weren't 70 degrees F here all year round, I'd have knitted myself a golfing Aran, Stockings, and a Tam to wear on the local Muni 9 hole course. Of course all the Scottish accoutrements in the World aren't going to help my game. But I'm in it for the Sunshine, Zen, and Exercise and if you buy that I have a bridge to sell you on Mars.
I know I said I'd alternate knitting on Ene every other week, but for now she is still in time out.
I figure a little intimidation is in order to whip her back into shape. We won't discuss what I was thinking when I undertook this project in mohair.
But I digress.
The Adrienne Vittadini Twist Front Top is coming along. I'm nearly up to the armhole decreases, just in time to notice a horrific mistake well below where I'm at now.
Oh the Humanity.
My current darling, the EZ Shawl is the apple of my eye. Endless miles of stockinette is a boon at my current stress level. I think I should be knitting circular shawls all the time. In fact, I'm considering changing my blog name to "Fickle Circular Shawl Knitter."
Happy Monday!

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