Deficit Knitting

Posted on Sep 13, 2005. 0 comments

FickleKnitter's Unofficial Official Knitting Mantra
1. If you are short a stitch, yarn over. 20 Rows later, realize you dropped a stitch causing the shortage. Buy more yarn to compensate.
2. If you have an extra stitch, K2 Tog. Get to the end of the row and realize you actually needed stitch. Crack open Tequila. You don't need no stinking glass.
3. If pattern requires gauge less than what I get on US 3's for regular knits, US 1's for socks, knit item in smallest size of pattern in gauge you are comfortable with. Do no calculations, do not look at any measurements, just cast on and go.
3a. When knit item doesn't fit due to large size, throw it in the dryer. When the dryer won't shrink item, set afire.
3b. When knit is too small, play tug of war with dog. When dog tugging doesn't work, put item in chest for ill-shapen future children. Hope they have really long arms.
I can hardly believe it myself. I rarely go back and fix mistakes. Just call me lazy eager to leave a soul trail.
So for whatever reason, the mistake on the Twist Front Top was making me crazy. So I dropped down to the offending area and started painstakingly picking up the stitches the way God intended. And they looked loose and wonky. So, I ripped. It must be the alignment of the planets.
Or my foul humors.
Next I cast on (even though my gauge was WRONGWRONGWRONG) for the beautiful Tivoli. So about that 34 inch yoke. Erm. Yeah. Not so much. I'm going to try knitting the smallest size. And if that won't work, maybe some math.
Say does anyone remember if I knitted a swatch for Ene?

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