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Posted on Sep 18, 2005. 0 comments

I'm trying to distract myself from my current malade imaginaire status. I am afraid to eat a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich due to the possible gallbladder ramifications.
Update: I overcame that fear recently, but have taken to my bed over the loss of french fries in my life. I recently went as far as turning down tater tots. Stupid Gallbladder. I've also notified the important people in my life about the up and coming separation between me and my internal organ. Everyone seems so calm. No one is as worked up as I am...
There will be far more gallbladder speak as the surgery grows near did you know it is ripped from thy bosoms via a wee hole?.
But this is plenty for today. Or not.
Insert Awkward Subject Change Here
Lyssa has created perhaps the cutest and most practical hat pattern ever. The Pointy Hat pattern is easy to follow and, did I mention, cute? And it will warm the head of a freezing Mongolian Baby. Almost makes you forget errant gallbladders.
Ene, she is done! Unbelievable I know. But those last few chart repeats went really quickly. And I only found one dropped stitch so far. Life is good.
I have also completed my first Christmas gift, Pasha. I'll be making at least another version to be sure.
Fish Update
Our tank finally cycled and we got a Plecostomus Catfish. He rid the tank of brown algea in less than 24 hours. If only there were a human counterpart for cleaning that pesky brown algea around the house.
I have gone to my local Book Megastore twice in search of a certain newly released BookBookBook2. Much to my dismay it has not arrived on shelves yet, but did manage to find the much anticipated Eldest by the wunderkind Christopher Paolini. I'll be switching between that and the Emmy Awards tonight.
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the nominated cast and crew of Arrested Development!

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