And the Rain Came

Posted on Sep 20, 2005. 0 comments

I was reading Eldest last night, cuddling with the dog, enjoying the rare sound of the Thunder, Rain and occasional Lightening Bolt. I was going to compare the experience to a Saturday Evening Post Normal Rockwell Illustration for this blog entry. And then I was going to wax on about how I used to be frightened by Thunderstorms and what changed that. And how it was a wonderful, ethereal experience.
But then, at 2:30am the Thunder, Rain and frequent Lightening continued until dawn. And I became utterly annoyed with the storm. Enough with the nine pins, Van Winkle!
And the dog, bless his heart. He woke me between claps to go out at his usual late hour. Only he wouldn't go out, lest he get his dainty paws wet. Spoiled Southern California Doggy. It typically rains here for 10 minutes every 8-12 weeks from the months of December through May. At most a storm might last an hour. Just long enough for the oil to leach out of the pavement. And for the cell phone yapping big honkin' SUV drivers to cause accidents clogging up every major freeway.
The Rain finally stopped, just in time to start the day.
Revision: It's still moving and a shaking around these parts.
It's not all bad, I'm feeling better, I get the results back from all the cup-peeing and blood taking today. And the nausea receded. I'm telling you one thing, you don't appreciate your appetite (however healthy it may be) until it's gone, gone, gone. But like the rain, it returned with a vengeance.
Fickleness in Knitting
Ok. The truth is, I started a new project. To be fair I did finish half of a pair of socks, which entitled me to cast on for new projects, right?
It's the "Long Sleeves, Button Band Crew Neck" found in the Fall Issue of VK. I'm using GGH Wollywasch which serendipitously found it's way into my cart at the last Yarnlady sale. When some unlucky person through it back in the bin right in front of me. GGH Wollywasch slides over the needles like butter. I don't have any particular rhyme or reason to the knitting order of the sweater. I'm thinking of doing a sleeve next, then maybe the back. I'm taking it as it comes.
Roberta's Christmas Present Yarn arrived in the mail yesterday. Hopefully I will finish before that lucky bitch Astrophysicist arrives back in the US from her Observing Sessions in Chile. You may see a picture of her Christmas Present Here.
Well I'm off to start my day avoiding Wellie Clad Cell Phone Chattering Chowderheads driving dangerously under the current hazardous road conditions.

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