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There's the Husband, wearing his fabulous recently renamed Hurricane Hawaiian Shirt* evacuating from the Texas Coast. That's right. He's in Texas in the eye of the storm. When he called me earlier in the week to update me on his situation I was brewing at about Category 1. Now I'm a boiling Cat 5. He ought remember to be safe, that's all I'm saying.
*Shirt from our favorite California Art Artists, Paul and Kimberleigh Gavin. We also have a print of Vista Romantica, one of our most prized Wedding Gifts. The pictures on the net just don't do the art justice.
The house is deteriorating around me while he's gone. I'm almost out of food, and living as a feral pig in clutter. I've cleared a path to the dog's food dish, and in major household thoroughfares. Everything else is messy. Me and my Gallbladder don't mind mess much. It makes life more exciting.
Here's Where I'd talk about Knitting
If I had something other than Roberta's Christmas Gift on the needles. She's busy flirting with Waiters, eating fine Food and Wine Drink, and in her spare time, work.
Just kiddin' Bertie ;)
She tagged me for the 23rd entry, 5th sentence Meme. I am white bread boring, so here is my entry about my then new Denise Needles: (Prepare to stifle yawn now)

Two things I don't like - the circular part doesn't
have a 16" length, I have to make due with a 17"
length, the second -the needles run in size from US 5
to US 15, I'd like some smaller needles.

If you want to steal this Meme for your own blog, feel free! I hope your entry is a might more exciting than mine.
A Birthday Suggestion to My Husband
While you are reading my blog about KNITTING and YARN, I figured I'd help you out with some birthday ideas since you are not sure what you should buy. DIAMONDS and SAPPHIRES are good (especially in WHITE GOLD). Kitchen items and household improvements are NOT GOOD. BOOK GIFT CERTIFICATES for exorbitant amounts are good. So are GCs for my favorite SHOE WAREHOUSE. FLOWERS, also good. Don't even think of buying ANYTHING for me at Home Depot. Finally, LARGE SUMS OF MONEY are also accepted.
Take care Husband, and don't let co-workers read my blog when you are holed up in the hotel!

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