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Posted on Sep 25, 2005. 0 comments

The Husband is still on travel for work. Eventually I grow a beard and become a hermit when he's been gone too long. Ok maybe not. But along those lines I did clean the house yesterday. Anyone who knows me knows this is a sign of trouble. There was a vacuum involved, a toilet scrubbie [shudder], laundry, and a mountain of dishes with no apex.
The cleaning binge ended fairly badly, with me putting on my favorite shoes and staring at them in the mirror like Narcissus.
Don't worry, I can only wear them for a few brief moments before the severe calf and the foot cramps arrive. So the prancing was short lived. But damn I love those shoes. Too bad I can't actually wear them outside of the house.
I rewarded consoled myself by a wee yarn purchase from my Dearest Enabler Elann. I have to admit when I first started knitting I didn't fully understand the allure of Elann. Back then I was all starry eyed with Noro and Brown Sheep Co Yarns. Neither of which were available at Elann. But as I matured I began to appreciate a fine quality Merino, or perhaps some Wool with a bit of Alpaca to top it off. And the prices, woe be to those knitters on a budget who stumble across Elann. The strangest justifications happen and then suddenly, three days later you have 1,000 skeins of yarn because they cost a mere $0.28 USD per ball. Kinda like shopping at Costco when you come home and unpack 15,000 tampons. It sure seemed like a great idea at the time, no?
I finished Roberta's Christmas Present. Knitting gold lame thongs is not an experience I wish to recreate, but she's a great friend and thusly worth the trouble. And if I did briefly wear her gift, I'd surely wash it before I gave it to her.
I've made progress on the Cardi. I'm nearly to the Raglan Decreases on the back piece. Next I'll do the Right Front to see if it will all fit over my bosoms. If not, I expect I'll do largish button bands and call it a personal preference or a design element. For those who are curious about the sleeve, I believe it will fit over my Gramma Arms just fine.
Happy Monday!

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