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Sweater Surgery
Take one part cutting, one part frogging, and 2 parts re-knitting and you have a successful Sweater Surgery.
I'm happy with the results, and yet I feel there needs to be a bit more fiddly fudging with the sleeves. I'll probably decrease the number of sleeve stitches and add a bit more length before I block the crap out of this sweater. I'll have a photo session as soon as the Husband or Roberta come back to town.
So long as Southern California doesn't burn to the ground first.
It's fire season, much like fall, snow season, or hunting season in other parts of the world. Fortunately the fires are far far away, but I feel badly for those who have lost their homes to the fires.
Today I go in to the Surgeon's office for my Gallbladder Surgery consultation. Due to my terribly overactive imagination, I've now pondered every possible thing that could go wrong, including but not limited to taking out the wrong organ, amputation, or death. I wish my brain would SHUT UP.
We suffered another fish death earlier in the week. Poor Lazarus met his maker after a brief bout of the Ick, despite my ministrations.
I'm starting to think the Cat is scaring the fish to death.
At this time it is appropriate to [cue angelic voices]
My most recent installment of Elann yarn has arrived.
I think I figured out why this yarn is called Buffalo yarn. For it's startling resemblance to Buffalo chips. All I can say is, I'm as happy as a pig in shit over this yarn.

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