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Fickle Knitter's Tip of the Week
It is not necessary to tell the Husband you have a crush on Barack Obama, even if it is true.
I'm awaiting a call from my Surgeon's office to schedule my Surgery. The verdict is the Gallbladder has to come out. My Surgeon said there's a small chance she may have to do a traditional incision if my asthma becomes a problem. Other than that everything should be fairly straightforward. Other than the fact I have to part with an organ I've shared everything with my entire life. [Cue Music: Bill Withers' Just the Two of Us]
[/pity party of two one]
Ever wonder what 880 yards of lace weight looks like knitted in one continuous circle?
Here's your answer along with my obvious deficiency in swift/ball winder/center pull skein making. This project has been such a stress reliever, I may just make a house cozy with it. I still have another 1760 yards of this lovely laceweight from Handpainted Yarn. What do lace knitters do with their leftover color ways anyhow? Are they like me in that I get bored if I have to use the same color more than once?
Knitting ADD
I have the Crew Neck Sweater on the needles, awaiting one sleeve and one right front. I have the Twist Front Top, which I'm going to frog and cast on for the smaller size. I have one Uptown Boot Sock left to make. A wee bit of finishing for Lyssa's Christmas Tchotchke. I also have the Buffalo Unspun waiting to be designed and knit up. So what do I do?
I swatch this Mimosa purchased at my first Yarn Lady Sale.
Cables look like crap in this yarn. In fact I'm starting to think the yarn itself is ugly. So Today's Fug is brought to you by low sale prices and foolish newbie yarn purchases.
I plan on 10 lashes with Fun Fur as punishment for my poor judgment.

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