I've got a Plan

Posted on Oct 04, 2005. 0 comments

I always have a plan. Lazy Creative folks are fantastic at planning. We have plans for eventualities that may not ever happen. But we had a plan and that's all that matters.
I can plan plans within plans. I planned our Wedding to within an inch of it's life*, from 2500 miles away.
*Note Good Planning does not constitute being Bridezilla
So all the planning?
Didn't keep me from seaming up this sleeve wrong. I'm off by about a half an inch.
I'm trying to balance out my poor planning with good planning.
The Ugly Yarn Plan.
A. Swatch up yarn until you find stitch pattern that minimizes revulsion upon inspection.
B. Dye yarn dark blue to camouflage it's grotesque unbecoming countenance.
B.1. Note Yarn's continual refusal to show up in photographs in any way similar to its appearance in real life.
C. Find a way to name drop Elizabeth Zimmermann in Plan, specifically her brilliant half-hitch Make 1 Stitch.
D. Cut Dye Induced Emergency Room Visit Short so as to return home and continue planning.
E. Throw in Gallbladder complaint for good measure. Did you know Hot Cocoa with no sugar and no milk still throws you into Gallbladder spasms?
F. Get back on topic.
G. Incorporate Bee stitch into simple Sweater Jacket design, including body shaping and possible lining.
H. Buy new yarn for Sweater Jacket.
I. Restart Planning Process.

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