Something is hot and it ain't me

Posted on Oct 06, 2005. 0 comments

I'm talking 90 plus degrees F with 24% humidity for more days in a row than I can remember. If you are from the South like I am, you know this is simply unbearable. If I were to complain of the lack of humidity out West, I would tell you about the woes of bad skin and frizzy hair never before encountered East of Ye Ole Missippi. But I'm not one to put the Rant in Rantzilla complain.
So my refuge from the heat is to curl up on the sofa and listen to Records. (I'm spinning Wings At the Speed of Sound, if I owned a Beatles album I'd be listening to that, 'cause it's just one of those days.) It makes me forget how hot it is. Which leads me to my next topic, The Beatles.
In no random order I'm going to list my favorite songs from my favorite albums (post LSD days albums being the best in my not so humble opinion). If you feel like it, do it on your blog as well.
Revolver - Taxman
Yellow Submarine - All Together Now
Rubber Soul - Norwegian Wood
Abbey Road - You Never Give Me Your Money
White Album - Happiness is a Warm Gun
I'll never forget the first time I heard Come Together from the Abbey Road Album in 1994. I was shocked at how relevant and fresh it sounded. I was hooked from that moment forward.

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