Manic Monday

Posted on Oct 10, 2005. 0 comments

My Interpretation of the Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi Shawl.
I opted to do the Gull Pattern around the outer border, found in Knitter's Almanac. But I'm afraid I was a bit too caught up in watching Vampire's Kiss, and thusly have renamed the border pattern Gull Whoops I was too busy laughing hysterically at Nick Cage lumbering around like Nosferatu with fake plastic vampire teeth and cannibalizing hapless pigeons while the Husband looked at me like I was nuts to bother with following the instructions properly Border.
On to other disasters crimes against knitting topics...
I finished the body of the Crew Neck Sweater days ago. I picked up and knit one button band, but for some unknown reason I opted to pick up and twist the stitches so as to have a rolling border. Long story short I have 2 remaining button bands, and one collar to knit. This sweater will spend a minimum mandatory sentence of not shorter than one week and not longer than four months in lock down.
But it's not all bad.
Sometimes things go my way. Like this beautiful purse for instance.
I was lucky enough to find this purse for sale during Alexia's stash sale. It is solidly made with gorgeous fabric. And if there's anything I like as much as yarn, it's shopping shoes purses.

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