Old Faithful Versus New and Shiny

Posted on Oct 17, 2005. 0 comments

Which would you pick? On one hand you have reliability, a tested, tried and true thing.
On the other you have a dazzling new untested treat*....
I'll give you a few moments to contemplate the strength of my character.
In the meantime I've been reworking the Twist Front Top in the smaller size. I've finished the back and have an inch to go before the miters. Of which I have no knowledge. And there's lots of written words explaining what to do. I'm a visual person. I need charts that don't require reading. Because I'm lazy.
The back looks unfinished, but thankfully the instructions do indicate
a row of purl around the arms and neck. Maybe if I'm feeling feisty I'll single crochet instead.
So back to the matter at hand, my character. I am easily swayed. My eyes are easily turned, and I'm not ashamed.
Ok, maybe a little.
*Fleece Artist Merino Color J, and Opal Handpaint Color 15 from Simply Socks Yarn Company. Fast shipping for the impertinent, loose knitter.

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