Who says I'm Fickle?

Posted on Oct 20, 2005. 0 comments

Tuesday it was all about the yarn.
Wednesday was all about the Atomic Force Microscope, but we won't speak of it. Thursday it is all about the needles. I found a top secret distributor of much heralded wooden circular needles I'll call 'Voltz and Mine.' Do not ask me where I found them. I am silent as a stone. I haven't told anyone (except Anmiryam and Roberta. Whoops). I can be bribed.
So I find myself creating new projects just to use the needles. Roberta brought me back some lovely yarn from Chile appropriately named "Free Time" [insert laughter here]. I decided it is the perfect yarn for the potato chip scarf.
But the yarn is fingering weight, so if it's not adult sized as I will save it for my future fictional baby.
Who will also have to have the newest mortgage payment priced designer bag if she ever has a chance of getting in the right pre-schools.
I also switched the Shaped Triangle over to the Voltz and Mine needles.
My only complaint is I have to slightly push the stitches over the join. But it's only a meager problem and thusly I declare these needles beyond reproach.
Yarn Haul
The Husband bought a considerable amount of yarn from a department store(!) in England. He reported back on what he purchased, but I fainted after I heard the words "Cashsoft" and didn't hear the entire checklist of yarn. What I want to know is why have I been buying myself yarn all this time when he is the yarn snob of the family?
Movie Recommendation Smoke Signals, A movie as savory on the palate as fry bread.
When I win the big Powerball Lottery Jackpot(that I haven't bought a ticket for, but my chances are just as good) I will buy this pen.

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