Post Birthday Buzz

Posted on Oct 24, 2005. 0 comments

I had a lovely birthday relaxing at home. And then I was gifted with yarn. I've yet to be given a yarn I didn't love. We also had house guests, Rainbow and Christian. They gifted me with yarn (destined to become the perfect lap blanket) which wins them an invitation to stay next year. Love you R & C!

Back to the yarn. I dream of swimming through yarn as Scrooge McDuck did through money.
Steve took a dip in my place since I'd look pretty silly flopping around like a fish smooshing all the yarn.

And to top it all off, I have a finished object! This is the Crew Neck Sweater from Fall VK. My main complaint is the #$@^%*! 1x1 ribbing. I will be substituting that in future patterns because I hate it. I plan on ordering pewter closures for the buttons as soon as Schoolhouse Press goes live.

Please excuse the dopey look on my face, I was still high off the new yarn.
Happy Monday!

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