Fit for the Looney Bin Surgery

Posted on Oct 27, 2005. 0 comments

I sweated and angsted my way through the Pre Op Surgery Clinic. I had an EKG, another blood draw, and experienced the indignity of peeing in the proverbial cup. Tuesday 7:30am Pacific Standard Time marks the removal of the Naughty Gallbladder from my person.
Figure 1 Pre Op Picture for Posterity
I know in my mind I have to have it out, One can only live off of *&^%$#F@! Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast dipped in ketchup for so long before taste buds give up and abandon ship.
Instead of comtemplating my belly button lint I've decided to prepare my knitting bag for my Outpatient Procedure.
Do you think I have enough knitting to keep me busy? I'm also going to cast one one or two a few easy peasy stockinette caps and socks for Sedated Knitting.
Roberta has given me this glorious Brown Sheep Handpaint Sock Yarn for my birthday, with a promise of a secret After Surgery Gift to follow. Love you Bertie!
It's all I can do to keep myself from kicking Uptown Boot Socks to the curb. Steve sits on my left shoulder telling me to go ahead and Cast On. Bad Steve.
This morning while contemplating my belly button lint the Universe in the bathroom I found my first gray hair. I feel like I earned the sucker, despite the Husband's denial of any aforementioned grays. He's a smart man.

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