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I made a serious effort to finish the Uptown Boot Socks so I could cast on for these lovelies
One Circ, Two Socks
And I figured since I'd be medicated next week, Two Sedated Socks is better than one. At least they'll match...each other.
If you already know how to do the magic loop method for socks, it's simple to do 2 socks at once. Cast on for the first sock and divide stitches in half by pulling cable between middle stitches. Next taking care to make sure the starting yarns are both on the same side, cast on for the second sock, dividing stitches as usual. When you start knitting you will knit the first sock, and then the second one will be up on the needles ready to be knit. Basically you are knitting both socks to the left needle and then back to the right. If I feel up to it I'll post pictures of the process later in the week.
Remember the Potato Chip Scarf? Between the fingering weight yarn and the size US 5 needles I ended up with about half the length of a normal scarf. Rather than knit another scarf and graft it to the first, I decided to transform the scarf into a flower.
I think it's cute.
I've finally reached Chart 3 for the Shaped Triangle. So naturally I have one extra stitch. I'm currently deciding if I should track down the error or just k2tog. Any guesses on what I'll do?
Trogdor sez I'm going to Burninate Halloween.

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