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It's not always about knitting you know. Sometimes it's about Sci Fi...
Admission Number One: I subscribe to where I serendipitously discovered the addy for Wil Wheaton's blog.
Admission Number Two: I visited WWdN (You must read the warning link I attached).
You may think these things combined with my Physics pedigree would qualify me as a geek. Ok. You got me. But age has mellowed me. Instead of showing Wil my Hooters I'd probably just pull up my shirt and show my Gallbladder Surgery scars. He did after all have a featured spot on my 13 year old Posters-of-Love wall (Sorry Jordan), and that does warrant the showing of some skin.
So back to being a geek with a capital G. So we I watch Star Trek TNG at least twice but no more than 5 times per week. But the Husband and I are not the type of folks to attend Star Trek Conventions (although I'd go as 7 of 9 if you held a phaser to my head and made me dress up as something). But we are the type who watch Trekkies and Trekkies 2 while laughing and pointing.
Aside- I must say I can't believe the kid from Trekkies is now designing jets for Battlestar Galactica (Love you EJO).
And if there were further evidence of Supreme Geekiness it certainly wouldn't be the long list of Sci Fi TV and Books regularly used for public consumption in the Fickle Household. So if you are aren't a geek, but like reading decent writing go check out WWdN. Who I think is definitely not a has been.

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