There has been Knitting

Posted on Nov 08, 2005. 0 comments

But first, another picture in the series of Your Gallbladder and You.
My laparoscopic incisions are healing nicely if not itching enough to make me loopy. I am still tired and not ready to go back to face the demon thesis spawn School. I'm tentatively thinking of trying Thursday as my first day back.
Back to the Knitting
Gesta is finished. The only change I made is to seam it inside out. I like it better on the wrong side.
Wildfoote Handpaint Socks done in Stockinette while Sedated
I've cast on for the Mia Shrug. I wouldn't normally consider myself a shrug person but the pattern is cute and I have the perfect yarn in my stash for it.
And I've been buying more yarn. I figure surgery recovery time is perfect for guilt free knitting and yarn acquisition.
Twist Front Top is making me crazy. I keep decreasing and decreasing and the stitch count remains the same. I ran into the same problem when doing the decreases for the back. My solution (when I pick it up after time out) will be to drop down a couple three yarn overs. I get tired just by holding Shaped Triangle in my hands, so no progress there. Soon I will have my full knitting (and writing!) mojo back.

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