Trepidation Tuesday

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Any guesses on what this yarn will become?
the_web.jpg Charlotte's Web. I know everyone and their sister knit this last year. I'm just a little slow to catch on to what the cool kids are doing. And sometimes it takes two or three or even four looks at something before I really appreciate it. Next I'll be doing some needle gymnastics to swipe needles from another project find the right needles so I can cast on as soon as humanly possible.
Because there can never be enough color in life
I'm holding my breath and proceeding with the Brooks Sweater. This is my first departure from seamed sweaters. I ripped out the previous incarnation because it's circumference was large enough to fit the Statue of Liberty. Or you know, two Statues of Liberty. I cast on a second time with 50 less stitches and allowances for a little blooming after washing. I'm happy with the results but a little bummed that the sleeve stripes look totally different than the body stripes. I'll just call it a design element and move on with life.
I was nearly finished with the Mia Shrug. Then tragedy struck. The edging I chose so carefully for the sleeve curls. Until further notice Mia is locked in a closet with wire hangers.
Surgery and Laundry
While admittedly good for yarn acquisition the Surgery Card is not doing me any favors in the laundry department. I discovered my favorite new jeans wet in the washer with the telltale heat setting on "HOT" which also coincidentally mirrored my feelings at that moment. The Husband says that the Jeans will now fit my "New Small Body" and if not I should "block them" as he "blocks his jeans with his body." There's going to be some blocking going on in the Fickle Household but I don't know that it will include hand knits or shrunken favorite jeans. It might involve more yarn purchases. And jeans purchases.
And finally (you know you were waiting for it) another picture in the
Gallbladder Series.
Two weeks after Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal.

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