The Great Irony

Posted on Nov 17, 2005. 0 comments

The Other day I was blissfully cooking in the kitchen. Enjoying making my new Sauerkraut Soup Recipe. There may have also been cookies involved, but we won't speak of it.
During all the stewing and baking I was listening to the Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas CD. Things were typical as they would be in a most North American Kitchens in mid-November. There were dirty dishes, cutting boards, and Sauerkraut. The lone Oscillating fan was doing it's duty. You see it was 90 degrees F outside. In the middle of November. Less then one month from Christmas. How can I be expected to wear all my handknits in this heat? It's not right I tell you.
In other ironic news I'm contemplating shopping on Black Friday. I had an impressive tenure as a Mall Employee starting in 1992 until 1999. You would think I would have learned my Black Friday lessons from these terrible experiences that I should strike from my memory days as a Retail Employee. But I need new clothes. And I figure what better way to get a good deal? Please feel free to slap some sense into me.
I'll be stopping by the store before we see Harry Potter this evening. I have to pick up some ice packs to wear under my hand knit Harry Potter Sweater so I don't faint from the heat. Just call me foolish stubborn determined.

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