My Cat Drinks from the Toilet and I Wish I had a Magic Wand

Posted on Nov 21, 2005. 0 comments

If I had a magic wand I could
1. Poke people with it.
2. Fix foolish knitting mistakes.
I think 1 is self evident. What can I say but I like to annoy people all the time sometimes.
There was some serious tension in the house when I realized I had lined up the arm increases in equally bad locations in relation to the body of the Brooks sweater.
I had inexplicably placed one set of decreases on the forearm. And For symmetry I placed the other sleeve the decreases on the elbow. This is where a magic wand would have come in handy. I could have fixed the problem, or knocked myself over the head with it for knitting when tired.
Curiosity got your Cat? I've been camera stalking Geiger for weeks since I discovered he's been drinking from the toilet.
Naughty little bugger.

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