Grumpy Grad Student

Posted on Nov 28, 2005. 0 comments

I never understood why the Grad Students were all so grumpy and surly while I was an Undergraduate. Unfortunately after 2.5 years of grad school I've turned into one. Equipment that won't work, problems with samples, screwed up software, interruptions, and unavailable experts, it's enough to drive me mad. And thusly everyone around me stark raving mad because I am not equipped with a personality conducive to deal with things that don't go my way (shut up I am not a Type A). All these goings on make me want to commit random acts of slapping, eye scratching, and hair pulling. I think the courts would acquit me.
But knitting is going well. I finished the Mia Shrug. I used "Vertical Zigzagging" from Knitting in the Nordic Tradition by Vibeke Lind. Knitting in the Nordic Tradition is an infinitely helpful book, I recommend it.
I'm not sure why one side looks shorter than the other. Perhaps because I slouch in a funny way. Also I was laughing at the Husband because I had irritated him to no end. Man, am I bitchy grumpy.
I find the whole gallbladder experience surreal, particularly the part where I dropped 20 pounds in 2 months. My brain hasn't wrapped itself around my new size, it all happened so fast. I am working to maintain the new fab mini me. I'm thrilled to be out jogging and playing Dance Dance Revolution. One possible caveat being the Husband continually beating me on every song. This is the same man who does the "Shopping Cart" dance. I'll let you review the evidence and make your own conclusions as to how a body proficient at the "shopping cart" can also do the Dance Dance Revolution dances so smashingly.
Has anyone else experienced ball winder malaise? Mine threw up this beautiful ball of Opal THREE TIMES.
It seems to work well excepting those occasions when I rewind an already wound ball of yarn. I'm about to add it to the list of People, Places, or Things I beat the crap out of.

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