Eff it Tuesday

Posted on Nov 29, 2005. 0 comments

I think Mr. Murphy is sitting on my shoulder causing me to break things. That or I have my own dedicated Thunder Cloud following me around. I've been breaking shit left and right. To date my latest victim is my "Dude, I've gotten a Smell" Computer. Eff you Smell Computers! I hate you!! Die Smell DIE!!
I have a few minor smallish Christmas gifts to finish. So I determined the wisest course of action would be to cast on for the Pinwheel Baby Blanket for a baby due this spring.
Spring comes after Christmas last time I checked. Yeah. That's how I roll.
Monica, Roberta and me are preparing to run with the big dogs. The Tri-Annual Yarnlady Bagsale is coming up on Saturday.
Monica says
I've been diving into bins and pushing people away. It's been fun doing it at Walmart--more people there.
Attagirl Monica! Roberta says we should implement a yarn gathering scheme where a guinea pig (me) is physically in the yarn bin, collecting the yarn. I'm not too proud! Bring it on! I could punch the crap out of some people who get in my way yarn right about now! I'll be sure to update including any injuries incurred during the yarn acquisition processes.
You know you were waiting for another post Gallbladder Removal photo. It's been exactly 4 weeks since I parted with my naughty Gallbladder. I've been able to resume normal activities and other than occasional tiredness (the bitchiness must be attributed to something else, I can't really say for sure) I am feeling back to myself (ok maybe the bitchiness is my normal MO. Shut it.)

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