My Computer Died a Horrific Greek Tragedy Worthy Death

Posted on Dec 02, 2005. 0 comments

I've lost everything. Pictures, free patterns, patterns I purchased via paypal, writing, programs, wedding pictures, everything. And also I suspect the Surgeon who took out my gallbladder also did secret brain surgery to remove those parts of my brain that knew how to work the very-important-device I need to use to get my thesis data. I'll spend 2 hours futzing with V-I-D, my advisor will come over and fix it in another hour, and I will BUMP INTO V-I-D in front of my Professor and ruin it all. And then someone else will be scheduled to use the Magical (Yet Nonfunctioning) Device that will behave for everyone but me so I have spent another four hours acquiring nothing but high blood pressure.
I know I've been a bit erm...Rantzilla lately. I hope to change this impression by stating the Yarnlady Bag Sale is tomorrow! I'll be wearing my fighting clothes and bearing Size 2 US Needles with which to poke people who get in my way. And also anyone who gets in the way of Roberta or Monica. I got your backs, girls!
If you thought Masters Satan Spawn Thesis Data breathing down my neck was bad enough there's always unfinished Holiday Gift Knit Wear. My solution to the looming issue was to cast on Charlotte's Web. For Me. Queen of finishing all that is not due until later, unless it is due now which means I will finish it after I finish the things that are due later. Somewhere in that statement is the hidden message "Fickleknitter will be consuming alcoholic beverages to help calm the hell down."
Have a great weekend!

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