Light at the End of the Tunnel

Posted on Dec 08, 2005. 0 comments

I was finally successful with my research on the Very-Important-Device. I gave my Semester End presentation without incident, despite my recurring nightmare where I am standing buck naked in front of my Professors and Peers (who remembered their clothes), stammering about my gallbladder surgery and disagreeable V-I-Ds. Now I can get back to things such as having a house clean enough for human occupation, buying yarn, doing laundry, and more knitting.
I did manage to finish my Prairie Inspired Shawl. I added some short rows at the top to add width without length. I ran out of yarn at the end and did some creative casting off. I'm curious how the yarn will react to a good blocking.
I started this sweater of my own design with the Cashsoft 4 ply the Lovely and Inspiring Husband purchased for me in England.
I have a feeling I may run out so I'm on the prowl for yarn shops that sell this yarn. It is perfection, soft, spongy, and did I mention, soft? It does have a tendency to knot, but that is usually due to User Error. More on this sweater later.
I started playing Yahoo's version of Scrabble again. During my second game I had the distinct pleasure of being called a "Douchebag" which roughly translates to "I'm losing. I bow to your very, very large brain." You would think a Scrabble player come come up with a more inspiring word than "Douchebag," but what do I know.
Happy Thursday : )

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