Bah Humbug

Posted on Dec 14, 2005. 0 comments

I've given up coffee. My body just doesn't tolerate it since my surgery. Rather than walk the line between "Mmmmm Glorious 2 Oz of Coffee, it so lovely and warm and caffeinated" and "Illness that makes me feel like death" I decided to quit. I've replaced coffee with Stash Premium Chai Green Tea in the morning and Hot Chocolate in the afternoon. So far it's working pretty well because the Husband and I no longer try to wait each other out in the Who Starts the Coffee Pot game. We subscribe to a Water Delivery Service so I just walk up to the Dispenser and run hot water, no tea pot necessary.

As if giving up coffee weren't bad enough we've had a rough few days with our Baby Doggy. He had two seizures on Monday evening. Neither the Husband nor myself have ever witnessed any form of Canine Epilepsy so it was frankly terrifying. The second seizure at 3am left me on the verge of hysteria. We've since taken Baxter to the vet for tests but there's indication if these were isolated events or if he's got some hereditary form of Epilepsy. What I do have to say is Dog Bless my girlfriends who've shared their experiences with Canine Epilepsy. It's reassuring to know that Dogs can live healthy long lives even if they experience the occasional Seizure.
Thankfully there has been knitting to help me maintain my sanity.

In fact I've knit so much on the Nordic Stylized Sweater of my own design that I've made my wrist a bit sore.

I'm now working on the Shaped Triangle again. The rows on this shawl are interminably long, but I am really looking forward to the finished product. Usually at some point during knitting lace shawls I hit "the wall," the point where I start calculating how many miles of yarn I've knitted or other useless trivia to keep myself from setting the shawl afire just so I don't have to look at it again motivated.

Finally I can show off the baby kitty I knit for the Lovely and Effervescent Lyssa. Little did I know this would be the third new kitty addition to her house in the past week! The resident rodents are now fearing for their little lives, the new kitties will likely cute them to death.

Lyssa sent me this glorious lace weight alpaca. I'd cast on for another shawl but I figure 3 shawls and no Holiday Knits on the needles would be blasphemous. I'm currently obsessing over which pattern is right for this yarn. Roberta gave me Us the most fabulous bottle of Chilean Wine she purchased during her work trip. I'd show you a picture of it but erm the bottle is empty unphotogenic.

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