Apathy 101

Posted on Dec 19, 2005. 0 comments

I should be blogging. I have no excuse. I finally received my new shiny laptop and I've spent all weekend fixing it the way I like it. And this time I will buy the external hard drive and back up my work. Particularly since I'll be Evil Devil Spawn thesis writing sometime soon in the next decade New Year. I also decorated the house for Christmas, and I'm nearly [cue maniacal laughter] done buying gift certificates at the grocery store finishing the sweater I'm giving as a gift shopping.
I'm knitting my way through the Shaped Triangle despite the consistent knotting I'm finding in this batch of Helen's Lace. I've used this yarn before and it was effortless, so I'm not sure what the malfunction is. I'm suspecting Holiday Induced User Error. I figure ending sentences in prepositions will rectify the issue.
Baxter is doing better. He had a total of four seizures last week and we're holding our breath over his health.

I think he must be feeling better because he's back to buggering Geiger.

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