Michelle's Steeking Tips

Posted on Dec 22, 2005. 0 comments

1. Don't forget to make armholes in sweater when pattern states "Bind off for Armholes."
1. Do eat lots of Christmas Cookies for energy
1. Do not let sweater get caught in feed dogs on sewing machine.
2. Do not poke finger with needle while trying to release sweater from hungry vicious feed dogs.
3. Do not sew backwards because you are lazy, especially if you are not an experienced seamstress.
4. Do not let sweater get caught in feed dogs again.
4a. Do not threaten to put a Pox on everything in sight.
5. Do learn to hand quilt so when you stitch sweater body by hand you have more than 2 stitches per inch.
6. Do tell self that Nordic Peoples were probably likely possibly steeking before mechanized sewing existed.
6. Pour self a drink before after cutting sweater.
7. Do sew arms into body immediately because you don't want to see a cotton sweater you spent months knitting unravel.
8. Do Do not celebrate Steeking by running through the streets shouting.
9. Do ask Santa to keep the sweater from unraveling until the day after Christmas.
10. Do a happy dance when Sweater is blocked.
11. Do ask Santa to expedite drying process so Sweater is ready to give on time.
12. Do Pat Self on Back until realization that there are 3 days until Christmas and there is more knitting to be done.

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