Beware the Spicy Salsa

Posted on Dec 28, 2005. 0 comments

We had some hot hot hot salsa at a smallish restaurant in Newport Beach last night. Which came back to haunt me with bizarre dreams including but not limited to the cast of the OC, Gene Simmons, Wil Wheaton, Kelly Osbourne, and Mail in Rebates. Maybe I should use it as a vehicle to write my first Great American Novel. Not.
I've been MIA due to my full belly. I've had turkey (shown below, it tasted as good as it looked), Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate, more pie, more chocolate and lots of salad to compensate.

There was much celebration at the Fickle home over Christmas. We had a lovely day and all my knit projects were finished in a timely fashion.

This is the Chevron Lace Pullover made with Classic Elite Venue that I made for my Step Mother in Law. It was by far the most challenging knit gift of the year.
I also whipped out some socks for the Husband. Have I mentioned he has a size 13 foot?

The Husband is such a patient model, wearing the socks with the dog and a dime shown for scale.
I also received some great gifts. The mystery package was a beautiful Lantern Moon Basket.

Which I promptly filled to the brim with stuff., and the Husband has practiced carry said basket on his head. I love it. The Husband also got me a Scunci Steamer. Rest assured everything within a 200 yard perimeter has been steamed. It's a fun and useful tool for steaming those dried food particles on the kitchen floor blocking knits. It Steams! It Sanitizes! It Rocks!
Time not spent playing with steamer has been consumed with this years video game gifts. I got Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for Game Cube, and the Husband got Guitar Hero and Katamari Damacy for his new Playstation 2. I don't suggest playing Katamari unless you have 36 cumulative hours to squander.

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