My Clown College Application

Posted on Jan 01, 2006. 0 comments

Dear Dean of Clown College Admissions,
I'd like to be considered for admission into your college based on the following:
My ability to knit items so colorful they look like Clown Barf.

Having viewed my work you are now aware that I've mastered Clown Color Theory. I also am proficient in driving tiny little cars, squirting seltzer at unsuspecting victims, and tripping over my own feet. I've been enrolled in Clown Junior College as a full time student where I've passed such courses as "The Upper Tricycle Speed limit and Obstacle Course," "History of Clown Makeup and it's Everyday Applications," and "Miming in Public: Thinking Outside the Box."
It is for these reasons I hope you will consider seriously my admission into your College.
Fickle Q Knitter

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