Mea Culpa

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I changed my mind, ok? I love CHarlotte's Web. I love the colors I chose. I love how it opened up after blocking. I love the softness of the Koigu.
Here's a photo Pre-Blocking
Who sez the Husband doesn't love my Knitting?
Here's a photo post blocking.
I had to stand on a step stool in order to capture the width and breadth of the shawl.
I'll post a picture of me modeling the shawl later in the week.
Another Finished Object in the same post, it must be a record
This is the Pinwheel Baby Blanket made with Paton's Classic Merino Wool on size 5 40 inch Addi Circs. My version of the blanket has one extra section. I blame it on not using stitch markers at the beginning. So let this be a reminder to us all: Use Stitch Markers lest ye be struck down by the Knitting Deities.
According to my list I have the Nordic Sweater, the Shaped Triangle, and the Twist Front Top left in my queue. The sock has been frogged, stockinette was not the look for the yarn. I should finish the other items I've already started but casting on for something new is such a rush. So I've documented three reasons I should cast on something new from my stash whereby saving money and freeing up more space. As an aside I hope Monica and Lynette can find it in their hearts to transform the Christmas Elves into the Cleaning Elves and send some to me STAT. If you notice any clutter and or filthiness in these pictures please know no animals or human beings were injured in the making of such messes. Also if anyone has seen the Shame that should (in theory) belong to me, let me know.
Reason # 1 for Casting on for a New Frivolous Project
Reason # 2 for Casting on for a New Frivolous Project
Reason # 3 for Casting on for a New Frivolous Project

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