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Posted on Jan 09, 2006. 0 comments

Carrie K asks how the coffee cessation plan is going. I went without coffee for approximately 2 weeks before I was able to drag myself from my bed to the coffee pot where I resumed my normal post surgical 2 ounce consumption. Here's a photo of me minutes after my daily coffee intake.
Notice my uplifting and serene demeanor. This lasts about twenty minutes until the caffeine wears off and I am quickly thrust back into my irritated, frazzled state. I could use an intravenous caffeine dose at all times throughout the day. I love coffee.
What you don't see in the photograph is the hem of my jeans. I purchased some jeans and cords for a great price at a store I'll call "The Delimited" which promises free hemming on pants purchased there for the vertically challenged. When I brought back said jeans for alterations Miffy informed me that because the store is out of the proper hemming paperwork they would not be able to use the sewing machine to hem my pants. Left with no other choice I embarked on a journey to hem my own pants while avoiding the homemade hem look we all dread. I was able to hem the jeans quickly and much to my surprise neatly. After finishing hemming the jeans and cords (no special paperwork necessary) I decided to finish this little gem
I think this means I'm sewing again, God help us all.

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